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Pennies on the train tracks... - Tue, Jan 12, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 1 Comments
When I first started creating my hand stamped coin necklaces I was trying out many different creative ways of flattening my coins to prepare them for stamping. I remembered as a kid in the summer we would place pennies on the train tracks behind my neighborhood and wait and watch... Read More

Employee Favorite Picks - Joanna - Wed, Jan 06, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
Today we meet Joanna Wishart! Joanna helps to maintain the back-end of our website and social media. She photographs a lot of our jewelry and takes care of most of the content, including our journal entries on the website. When she isnt cos-playing at Comic-Con you can find her gathering... Read More

Product Spotlight - Chromatic Tassel Bangle - Tue, Dec 29, 15

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
I was vacationing in Hawaii a couple years ago with my family and was completely overwhelmed and inspired by the bright, bold colors that fill the Hawaiian islands. The beautiful fringe on the hula skirts, the amazing sherbet colored sunsets, and the fiery explosion of color on the exotic flowers... Read More

Employee Favorite Picks - Oksana - Tue, Dec 22, 15

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
Today we meet Oksana Filippenko! Oksana is our in-house jewelry maker.  She is the one responsible for assembling all of the extremely intricate jewelry you see on our site, from beading to the wire wrapping, from making the beautiful sari necklaces to attaching exotic gemstones and beyond.  She literally makes... Read More

Product Spotlight - Coin Necklaces - Wed, Dec 09, 15

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
I was traveling through Europe with my now husband and one of the things we loved doing while there was visiting the many street flea markets.  The treasures to be found in an old European flea market are immeasurable.  One of the treasure we found were antique and obsolete coins.... Read More