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Alisa Michelle Designs has been by my side through all the joys and sorrows of my life these last 10 years. The inspiration they provide has allowed me to stay positive even during the most difficult times. My collection of necklaces is so huge I display them on my wall as art when they aren’t being worn! I’ve had custom pieces made that are symbolic to the triumphs I’ve experienced such as my first 5k and for being a spinal surgery warrior. I am forever grateful for this company and for Alisa Michelle, she is a true blessing in my life!


I have been purchasing from Alisa Michelle designs for over a decade. I always know where to go when I need a unique, one-of-a kind gift for someone. Her jewelry is fun and high quality and you will not be disappointed!

Stacey M. Isaacs, Esq.

I’ve bought many gifts from both Alisa Michele and Sadie’s Moon. All custom and all beloved pieces I am told from the recipients. When my nephew got married his bride to be got a very special custom necklace stating her new married name. She was over joyed and still loves it 6 years later! When my great nieces welcomed siblings, they each got a BIG SISTER custom beaded bracelet that the wear proudly. The staff at Alisa Michele are easy to work with if you have any questions and are happy to customize just about everything. I highly recommend for gifts and to treat yourself as well.

Lauren Leder

I have been wearing Alisa Michelle jewelry for years.  Whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry for yourself or something special for someone else, this designer has you covered.  Her creations are so inspirational and meaningful.  Each piece I order comes beautifully packaged and ready to be presented as a gift or worn by myself.  I love that she is always creating something new. Her prices are amazing. The website makes shopping so easy.  Everything I have purchased lasts for years. If you are looking for something special, look no further than Alisa Michelle!  You will not be disappointed.  Latest purchase are the amazing mask chains!  You must get yourself a bunch of those. I cannot go out without being stopped!

Ellen Greenfield

have been a long time customer and cannot say enough complimentary words to describe my experiences, the jewelry, or the personalization that I receive(d) from the owner/company with each purchase. The uniqueness of each piece of jewelry I have purchased is phenomenal. I know that when I wear a piece designed by Alisa Michelle that no one else will be donning it as well and the amount of comments I receive from friends and strangers alike is incomparable to other jewelry I wear. The experiences have always been simple and user friendly. My purchases come quickly and without a glitch. And when I have had to contact the designer due to my negligence she has made the process painless and repairable.  Without a doubt Alisa Michelle designs is my go to stop for gifts and self-care. 


I have multiple pieces by Alisa Michelle, they are all so special and inspiring, everyone always compliments them, I love ️ them all!


I have been a loyal follower of Alisa and her brand since the 90's. She has always been very current and has unique pieces I can't find anywhere. Her customer service is amazing and her customer service team goes above and beyond to make sure I am happy and well taken care of. I will forever be a customer and you should be too!