We believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory—it is a medium for self-expression and a conduit for positive change. By embracing the spirit of Pride through our Rainbow Collection, we hope to inspire individuals to embrace their true selves, radiate confidence, and celebrate the beauty of diversity.
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Every piece tells a story. Wear your story.

Welcome to Alisa Michelle. Design your own jewelry, shop by intention or get inspired.

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U.S. State necklaces and custom, personalized jewelry make the best gifts. All... 

  • "I have been purchasing from Alisa Michelle for over a decade. I always know where to go when I need a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for someone. The jewelry is fun and high quality and will not dissapoint."

    - Stacey M. Isaacs, Esq.

  • "I've bought many gifts from Alisa Michelle. When my nephew got married, I got his bride-to-be a very special custom necklace with her new married name. She was over joyed and still loves it 6 years later!"

    - Lauren Leder

  • Alisa Michelle has been by my side through all the joys and sorrows of my life these last 10 years. The inspitation they provide has allowed me to stay positive even during the most difficult times. -Dina