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Hard at Work Shipping Away! - Thu, Feb 04, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 1 Comments
  Recently we had the largest Good Morning America sale Alisa Michelle has ever had!  We didn't anticipate getting so many orders but we think its so great we did! :)  We understand everyone is really anxious and excited to get their orders and we know you are going to... Read More

Our Top 6 Sweetest Valentine Gift ideas! - Thu, Jan 28, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 2 Comments
Let's celebrate love!! Valentine's day is a mere 17 days away and we have got you covered.  Give your favorite girl a piece of jewelry that says exactly how you feel about her OR give your favorite guy a hint in the right direction with our Top 6 Sweetest Valentine... Read More

7 Great Gift Ideas from the Alisa Michelle Store - Wed, Jan 20, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
Yes, we have a pretty amazing website but did you also know we have an extra amazing store right here in Studio City, California?! :)  To help you get acquainted with our beautiful store we have compiled a list of 7 great gift ideas straight from the Alisa Michelle Store...... Read More

Pennies on the train tracks... - Tue, Jan 12, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 1 Comments
When I first started creating my hand stamped coin necklaces I was trying out many different creative ways of flattening my coins to prepare them for stamping. I remembered as a kid in the summer we would place pennies on the train tracks behind my neighborhood and wait and watch... Read More

Employee Favorite Picks - Joanna - Wed, Jan 06, 16

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
Today we meet Joanna Wishart! Joanna helps to maintain the back-end of our website and social media. She photographs a lot of our jewelry and takes care of most of the content, including our journal entries on the website. When she isnt cos-playing at Comic-Con you can find her gathering... Read More