Let's Talk About Hawaii For A Minute, Shall We?

It has been a long while since we have put up a blog post but the new collection has inspired me to write a little something about the summer. We are a family that takes covid super seriously, since having a sick father. We have been home for what feels like years and honestly it has been. Our last big family vacation was bout 7 years ago and the time had come for us to go somewhere.I booked a trip...

The first trip I booked was on an Alaskan Cruise on Royal Caribbean and the amount of Covid cases coming off the boat made it absolutely not worth it for us. I had to cancel everything because my son got super sick and it became a blessing in disguise however he did miss all of the graduation fun from 5th grade.

Hawaii here we come. We stayed at the most beautiful hotel the Ritz Carlton and the entire vacation could not have been better. With flight cancellations and everything that could go wrong, nothing did. It was just perfect. 

Enjoy our vacation and now you know the inspiration behind the Aloha Edit. I just wanted to make some pieces that reminded me of the best summer vacation we have had so far.


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