Alisa Michelle

Protects From Sorcery Norse Mythology Rune Necklace


In Norse mythology, runes are inscriptions written in the runic alphabet. Our collection showcases Bind Runes, a combination of ancient Viking symbols. These Bind Runes hold mystical powers and represent profound meanings.

Runic inscriptions—texts written in the runic alphabet—are derived from Norse mythology, a body of mythology of the North Germanic people. Our Runes Collection features Bind Runes----a ligature of two or more ancient Viking runes. Bind Runes were created to represent deeper, more powerful meanings and were believed to contain magical properties. Unlock the power of Norse mythology with our exquisite Runes Collection. Our Bind Runes, a complex ligature of ancient Viking runes, carry deeper meaning and enchanting properties. Embrace the magic and style of these intricate Runic inscriptions.

  • 24" antiqued plain chain
  • "Whoever Carries This Will Have Good Luck On Land And Sea " stamped double sided pendant
  • Approx. 1 1/4" pendant
  • Pewter based metal
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plating

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