Alisa Michelle

Picture Jasper Never Give Up Power Bracelet

$32 $48

Amazonite is a crystal with healing properties related to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is believed to activate, clear, and balance the heart chakra, as well as helping to open communication and enhance love. Physically, Amazonite is thought to be helpful in reducing physical illnesses and pain, as well as aiding in cell regeneration. Emotionally, Amazonite is believed to be calming and help relieve stress, ease fears and worries, and bring clarity to emotions. Mentally, the stone is believed to help improve the ability to manifest ideas, increase intuition and understanding, and help make decisions with confidence. Spiritually, the stone is believed to have powerful energy that can increase understanding of the self, open communication with the Divine, and bring about feelings of peace.

7" beaded carnelian on stretch elastic
Gold Never Give Up Charm
Will come carded

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