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'Badass' Hand Stamped Cuff 'Badass' Hand Stamped Cuff
$18.00 $42.00

When you're a badass you are tough, uncompromising, aggressive and you go out for what you want. You demonstrate strength and skill in your craft. May this bracelet put your in touch with your own inner badass.

  • 1/2" wide cuff
  • Message: "BADASS" 
  • Plated in 14kt. gold or sterling silver (pewter based)
    'Embrace Change' Hand Stamped Cuff 'Embrace Change' Hand Stamped Cuff
    $22.00 $48.00

    The universe is constantly changing end evolving and so must we. Once you push past your fears, embracing change opens your life to unlimited possibilities. May this bracelet help you to embrace change.

    • 1" wide hand stamped cuff
    • Message: "Embrace Change" 
    • Plated in 14kt. gold or sterling silver (pewter based)



      • Approx. 1 1/4" stamped plate in 14K gold plating or sterling silver (brass base)
      • Acorn charm
      • Message "Thankful"
      • 18" 14kt. gold or sterling silver chain.

      These solid brass hand made earrings are the perfect way to finish any outfit. Dress them up, or wear them with some jeans. Either way, your ears will thank you.


      • Approx. 1 1/2" solid brass dangle earrings
      • Handmade
      • Available as is ONLY
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      The amazing piece was once a pin we repurposed into a beautiful solid brass relic charm. The color and detail is stunning and can be polished with a gently swipe of a polishing cloth. This is a great way to honor your home town, or just a place that speaks to you. This pieces is an original and once it is gone it is gone! Don't pass it up!


      Our beautiful curiosity key will be one that you will treasure forever. Keys are powerful symbols in any story. They symbolize opening and closing powers—for instance, when a character might use a key to lock someone in, depriving that person of his freedom. But keys also have metaphysical powers and symbolisms. They represent knowledge, mystery, initiation and curiosity.

      This is the perfect gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life or is looking for clarity and calm.


      Amazing vintage medal from Washington! It is from 1966 and the 48th National Convention. It is a very cool piece and we only have one available! The piece is made from solid brass.

      Due to the vintage nature there may be slight imperfections.

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