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Protection Fortune Formula Necklace

A fortune formula is the physical representation of your wants, needs and wishes and is designed to be worn close to your heart. Each charm has a specific meaning to culminate your specific desire. The Protection Fortune Formula necklace is perfect to help ward off any negative forces and to carry protection by your side wherever you go.


  • 18" chain (brass metal base)
  • Pewter metal based charms
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plate
  1. "Faith" stamped bar - a reminder to keep your faith in your beliefs.  
  2. "Protect Me" heart-shaped stamp - a reminder to carry protection through tough situations.
  3. Evil eye lampwork glass bead - symbolizes protection from the evil eye and wards off negative energies and evil forces.
  4. Hamsa hand charm - a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power, strength, and a deflector of the evil eye.
  5. Acorn charm - a symbol of good luck and is thought to bring protection to one's house in Nordic mythology.
  6. Red tassel - represents good luck and power.
  7. Whale charm - whales are perceptive to things around them and embrace the unknown. 
  8. #12 charm - protection.

Product Code: FF12-G



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