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A bold statement chain with some weight to it! This will hold your relics beautifully and creates the perfect statement piece of jewelry. Available in 18" yet we can accommodate different lengths, please inquire.


Brass base with Sterling Silver plating

Alisa Michelle is a huge collector or vintage lockets and pieces, hence some of her personal collection being sold in this section. We reproduced these lockets exclusively and have a few pieces left. We are offering them in our relics section and will not be continuing production. We are happy to offer free engraving with your order.
I can do this was hand stamped on a old British penny and is an original piece. The stamping was covered in resin giving it a glass like appearance. A great reminder that you can so anything you put your mind to doing!

This gorgeous green rhinestone pin has been transformed into a beautiful relic. Imagine the stories this pin must be telling. Now it is time for you to write your own story with this stunning vintage piece.

Due to the vintage nature there may be some imperfections in the piece. the pendant is sold on its own.


This vintage enamel flower is bold and beautiful. It was once living as a pin and now it has been repurposed as a pendant. This would be a focal point relic and is the perfect conversation starter.

Due to the vintage nature there are some imperfections in the piece. The flower is sold on its own.


Rhinestones are a girls best friend and with this piece it is no exception. We took a vintage earring and repurposed it into a lovely sparkling relic that will add glamour to any day or night outfit. Pair this with a white Tee and jeans or with your favorite party dress. You just can't go wrong.

Due to the vintage nature there may be imperfections in the piece.


Pauline is a peacock and holds special meaning. She was taken from a vintage piece and is a great addition to your relic necklace. 

Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the "eyes" of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.

This would be a great statement piece on your necklace. 


Our Winnie relic is pure brass with set rhinestones. There are two schools of thought on horseshoes and the direction it points. Some say that when the shoe points down the luck will spread to whomever pass by which is a sweet thought. Why not spread the luck and shore with the ones you love most?

Vintage Brass with deep ruby red rhinestones


Doesn't this piece remind you of a charm Serena rom the Handmaid's Tale would wear with her green dress? The deep and rich color rhinestones are stunning and will compliment any relic necklace. Wear it alone or stack it with other charms, this will be a quick favorite!

Due to the vintage nature there may be slight imperfections.


Amazing vintage medal from Washington! It is from 1966 and the 48th National Convention. It is a very cool piece and we only have one available! The piece is made from solid brass.

Due to the vintage nature there may be slight imperfections.


Who doesn't remember these great ballerina cupcake toppers? this vintage ballerina has lovingly been converted to an adorable relic for your piece. It is made from vintage plastic and really is an adorable addition!

Due to the vintage nature there may be slight imperfections.


This is one of the most stunning vintage relics in our collection. This is meant to be a focal point piece and you can still add amazing complimenting relics. Add an initial, a heart whatever is meaningful for you! There is a pin closure on the back as well. Sort of a two for one if you will.

Due to the vintage nature there may be imperfections in the piece. Only one available.

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