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Grief Fortune Formula Necklace

A fortune formula is the physical representation of your wants, needs and wishes and is designed to be worn close to your heart. Each charm has a specific meaning to culminate your specific desire. A great gift for someone who's going through a tough time and needs a little strength to get through it!

  • 36" chain (brass metal base)
  • Pewter metal based charms
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plate
  1. Dove charm - represents peace and calm.
  2. Let Go bar - a reminder to let go of the hurt and to move past the grief.
  3. Strength coin - a reminder to be self-aware of your mental strength.
  4. Seagull charm - symbolizes emotional freedom and to carry away unwanted feelings.
  5. Frog charm - symbolizes cleansing, renewal and rebirth.
  6. Black tassel - represents mystery, power and protection from external emotional stress by providing comfort.

Product Code: FF07-G



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