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Good Luck Fortune Formula Necklace

A fortune formula is the physical representation of your wants, needs and wishes and is designed to be worn close to your heart. Each charm has a specific meaning to culminate your specific desire. Everyone could use some good luck in their life especially if times are a bit tough!


  • 18" chain (brass metal base)
  • "Bring Me My Desires" reproduced hand-stamped bar
  • Pewter metal based charms
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plate
  1. Four-leaf clover charm - uncommon variation of the three-leaved clover, the four-leaf clover brings good luck to their finder.
  2. Horn charm - the Cornicello, Italian for "little horn", is an amulet of good luck used to protect the wearer from the evil-eye curse.
  3. Lucky Penny - brings protection and good luck to their finder.
  4. Turquoise tassel - brings good fortune.
  5. Lucky star charm - in ancient times, it was believed that good fortune was determined by the stars.
  6. #7 charm - wisdom and higher reasoning.

Product Code: FF06-G



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