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Fertility Fortune Formula Necklace

There is a possible Fortune Formula for any goal, dream or ambition. A Fortune Formula is the physical representation of your wants, needs and wishes and is designed to be worn close to your heart. We have created formulas that address many of life's common themes. A great gift for someone who's working on adding a new bundle of joy to their family! 


  • 36" chain (brass metal base)
  • "Peace" Chinese symbol genuine engraved coin
  • Pewter metal based charms
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plate
  1. Cat charm - depicted as drawing the carriage of Freyja, the fertility goddess in Norse mythology. 
  2. Lotus flower charm - the lotus flower is the highest symbol of fertility in the hindu culture. The Lotus represents purity of the body, speech and mind as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desires.
  3. Moonstone bead - known as the ultimate fertility crystal.
  4. Moon charm - goes through different phases related to fertility.
  5. Chinese Symbol - for peace.
  6. Star Goddess charm - associated with the female body.
  7. White tassel - light, purity, positive energy.
  8. #9 charm - in numerology stands for romance and self sacrificing.

Product Code: FF01-G



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