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The Back To Basics line is a perfect representation of what Alisa Michelle Designs is all about. Each piece is carefully chosen and assembled to create a line that embodies the essentials of Alisa Michelle Designs.The phrase "Be Happy" is hand stamped to serve as a gentle reminder that life can get tough but you have the power to be happy!


  • 18" plain chain
  • "Be Happy" stamped key pendant
  • Pewter based metal
  • Available in 14K gold or sterling silver plating

    Our cuffs are amongst Alisa Michelle's most popular sellers and hold inspirational, meaningful quotes and phrases. Easy to wear and are perfectly stackable!

    • Approx. 3/8" thick hand stamped cuff 
    • Message: "Change your attitude and change your life"
    • Pewter metal base
    • Available in 14k gold or sterling silver plating
    • (please do not bend cuffs back & forth for this will cause damage)

    Our plated cuffs are hand-stamped with inspirational messages and are popular sellers. A gentle reminder that your behavior and actions are all you really have control of, so control them :)

     One size fits all 

    • Approx. 3/4”  thick reproduced hand stamped “You Create Beauty With Your Attitude Your Behavior & Your Actions. It's All Up To You!” cuff
    • (please do not bend cuffs back and forth for this will cause damage)
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