What We Have Been Up To!

There has been so many things going on over here and I have been having so much fun creating new items that I will be slowly listing on the site. As I had previously mentioned most of the items going up will be one of a kind pieces. 

I recently purchased a laser cuter and I am obsessed to say the least. The software has been challenging but slowly I am figuring it all out. Here are some of the newest pieces.

I have also been experimenting with wood and making some really adorable bookmarks for our kids line Sadie's Moon. If you haven't seen that collection you should join our Sadie's Moon instagram page. Here is a bookmark :)

Wishing you all an fantastic week!

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I am so glad to see you are still creating! Some of your pieces have gotten me through difficult situations, my favorite is still an amethyst bead stamped piece that reminds me some days I’ll win, others I’ll learn. I wear the turquoise bead stamped piece about integrity A LOT these days as I try to impress upon my 10-yr-old that your integrity is your greatest treasure. I used to buy your pieces on Haute Look and have been searching for them in vain for quite a while and have finally found you here. And I doubt I’m the only one to search and find you, just perhaps more vocal. Keep creating, it is the fate of most artists to never fully know the impact they have on their audience. Create anyways. Because we’re out here, and we need you.


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