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There is so much to do and even more to think about when it comes to this business and the direction to take it in next. Everybody has been asking me what am I going to do next. So, next is what I will fill you in on.

I want to take this time to concentrate on our kids brand Sadie's Moon which has been doing exceptionally well over the last few months. I want to build it and expand on so many things. These are our latest Baby Buddy bracelets.


I also want to make the Alisa Michelle brand go in a different direction. It will be the same concept yet it will be more one of a kind pieces. The stampings are our foundation but I need to take a pause on those while I create new items to add to the site. I envision each piece coming with a hand written card explaining the piece and the reason it was created. I want to get back to the personalization I so badly have stepped away from.


For so many years I have had so many employees which I found to be a complete luxury. I lost the confidence I once had in my ability to do these things on my own. I am ready to take this over. There will be mistakes and blunders, but they are mine and I will one them as well as fix them. 

At this present time the store is still open but we are winding it down. I don't people to think we have vanished because we have not. We are coming back bigger, better and stronger than ever just in a different capacity and new way. 

This is the year of me, and I am finally going to do what make me happy.



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