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A Time To Say Goodbye... A Time To Welcome Something New - Wed, Jan 30, 19

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
It has been way too long since there has been an update, for I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading these posts. Please comment if you are!  There has been a lot of changes going on for the brand as of lately and it has been quite difficult to digest... Read More

The New Space! - Mon, Feb 09, 15

Posted by: Alisa Michelle 0 Comments
One of the scariest decisions I had to make was getting a new space. At our current offices we literally walk around with one hand over our head for fear that something might fall on our heads. We need room to be creative, room to make the beautiful pieces we... Read More

Love Seeing This! - Tue, Jul 22, 14

Posted by: Duck & Cover 1 Comments
Last night I was watching one of my guilty pleasures True Tori. I can't help it, I love this stuff. As I was watching I noticed MaryJo (Dean's Ex) bring in a bag to give to Tori and it was from my store! I was super excited to see that.... Read More