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New Year and New You!

New Year and New You!

A New Year and a new Me! I have decided this year that it is the year of me. I decided this year I was going to take care of my health and not just be a workaholic all of the time. I got a a mammogram which quite frankly was the scariest thing I have experienced. I still haven't checked the results but I will. I haven't received a call so I am hoping I am good. Went to the dentist took care of a bunch of stuff there. Had a physical. I am on a roll. My biggest issue is weight. I have the hardest time keeping it off and having a consistent workout routine. My intensions are always good the night before and I wake up and I am deterred in some way. This is the year for me to conquer that demon and a demon it is. Any suggestions on what you do? I have to take it off, keep it off and find a workout I enjoy and will consistently do. 

Keep an eye out for a bunch of new pieces coming on the site in the next few weeks. I have been working feverishly to get them done and out to you. Get excited, I am :) Share your diet tips with me, I need it!

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