New Year and New You!

New Year and New You!

A New Year and a new Me! I have decided this year that it is the year of me. I decided this year I was going to take care of my health and not just be a workaholic all of the time. I got a a mammogram which quite frankly was the scariest thing I have experienced. I still haven't checked the results but I will. I haven't received a call so I am hoping I am good. Went to the dentist took care of a bunch of stuff there. Had a physical. I am on a roll. My biggest issue is weight. I have the hardest time keeping it off and having a consistent workout routine. My intensions are always good the night before and I wake up and I am deterred in some way. This is the year for me to conquer that demon and a demon it is. Any suggestions on what you do? I have to take it off, keep it off and find a workout I enjoy and will consistently do. 

Keep an eye out for a bunch of new pieces coming on the site in the next few weeks. I have been working feverishly to get them done and out to you. Get excited, I am :) Share your diet tips with me, I need it!

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Working out with class of people can be an inspiration for some people. I have been teaching aerobics since 1989 and can see the friendships that you make encourage you to be consistent. Happy New Year and Good Luck with your journey!
Judy Herron Jackson, TN

Judy E. Herron

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