A Time To Say Goodbye... A Time To Welcome Something New

A Time To Say Goodbye... A Time To Welcome Something New

It has been way too long since there has been an update, for I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading these posts. Please comment if you are! 

There has been a lot of changes going on for the brand as of lately and it has been quite difficult to digest for me. I have made the decision to close our retail location this March. I am finding that retail is not what it once was and I need to redirect my focus. I want to be able to design and have more contact with my customers outside of the store. I love making my children's jewelry Sadie's Moon and the wholesale business is doing so well. I need to focus and build the business while we have momentum.

The store has been so hard and it has been a love/hate relationship for so long. My children were raised there and they know nothing else. For me it has become a place of sadness due to the fact that the customers are not there. The streets are dead and the stores are void of customers. It is not just me, yet the people in our neighborhood don't want to come together and find a solution. My solution is to focus on my several other businesses and make them a success. I can't do it alone any longer. My mother keeps reminding me that everything has a beginning and an end. This is the end but there will be a beginning, to what I am not sure but there will be a beginning. 

It is scary to give up on something that was such a big accomplishment however I know that when one door closes another opens. I know there is a master plan and 
I waiting to see what is in store for me. I am excited to have way less expenses and worry. I am excited to sleep and not be up all night stressing out about sales. I am excited to be left alone to do what I love most. 

My grandmother had a store as well before I was born. She was a knitter and had a store to teach knitting and sell supplies. For those of you in Los Angeles it was on Pico Blvd. next to Nick's Restaurant, right near La Cienega. One day she had enough and she closed her store. She was around the same age as I am now. The parallel story gives me some comfort. I am doing this on my terms, my way and I am making this decision on my own. I know when it is time to move on and that is what I am choosing to do. It is time to enjoy my life with less stress, anxiety and worry.

I am going to revamp the website with new product and make more meaningful pieces. I will make small collections that speak to me and will hopefully resonate with you. There will be limited quantities and once they are gone the pieces will be retired. I think it is important to no longer mass produce and to start specializing in things that bring me joy and bring you joy too. If there are pieces you would like to see in these small capsules please let me know and I will see how I can do that. 

Let me know you are out there. I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you will continue on this next journey with me. My heart is sad but at the same time full of hope and excitement for the future. I love each and every one of you, I truly do. Thank you.

Here are some things that bring me joy...



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