A New Look for A New Start!

A New Look for A New Start!

When one door closes it seems another always opens.

The closing of my store has been so bittersweet for me and for our team. A huge part of my life is missing yet the stress and daily struggles have vanished. Of course, there are many other things to worry about but these are more in my control versus whether or not the store will be busy that day, will it be raining, will the roof leak, will some unexpected bill land at my door. It is nice to pretty much know what to expect and how to manage expectations. 

We are working on new collections and new pieces and will try to have monthly updates to the site. These will be one of a kind pieces and we will be phasing out the reproductions. I wanted the jewelry to feel special and curated yet still holding the interesting stories it has always had. 

We will be adding a relic bar where you will be able to purchase charms and put together your own charm necklace. There will be vintage pieces along with our signature Alisa Michelle charms, but the cool thing about it is you can make it uniquely yours and tell your story!

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