A Dulcet Gathering: Discover the gems within you!


Last Friday we hosted a wonderful event at our Studio City store with the lovely ladies of Dulcet Creative joined by licensed marriage & family therapist, Dr. Cassidy Freitas for a Dulcet Gathering!


The amazing duo of Dulcet Creative have created a platform where like-minded individuals can come together to connect and gain a deeper understanding of each other, their brands, and their businesses.


We had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of very cool and talented gals- many of whom are entrepreneurs, fashion + beauty bloggers, mothers, and creative professionals.


Dr. Freitas led a cozy group discussion about discovering the hidden talents & strengths that we all possess with limitless potential. Dr. Freitas also touched upon our experiences with creative block (something most of us can relate to) and how we can tap into our inner "gems" to find a way to push forward. We all learned a lot!




Finger food with the best of both salty + sweet was served (because snacking is never overrated.)





Afterwards, everyone had the chance to create their own personalized jewelry with our mini Design Bar station!








A well spent afternoon filled with inspirational and insightful talks, yummy finger food, and fun jewelry making with wonderful women. Thank you to all the ladies who came (especially those who made the long drive to get here!) And a special thanks to Amber & Kayla of Dulcet Creative and Dr. Cassidy Freitas who made this all possible! Would love to host another Dulcet Gathering! <3

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