7 Great Gift Ideas from the Alisa Michelle Store

Yes, we have a pretty amazing website but did you also know we have an extra amazing store right here in Studio City, California?! :)  To help you get acquainted with our beautiful store we have compiled a list of 7 great gift ideas straight from the Alisa Michelle Store...


1. Inspirational Candles - Alisa hand-makes each one of these super fragrant candles with aromatherapy essential oils and soy wax. Each candle displays a label with an inspirational message to inspire you while you also enjoy a delightful scent.

2. Canvas tote - You can never go wrong gifting a tote!  There is always a use for them and people will always be grateful to have a cute one handy. We have several totes in the store each with a super cute design.

3. Push-Pop Confetti - Talk about a party to go! These little guys pack a party punch in a tiny plastic push pop. Great for adding a little flare to any celebration.


4. Greeting Cards -  I LOVE getting something in the mail! There is nothing better than finding a sweet card from a friend inside your mailbox.  The best is sending a card for no reason at all....just cause :)  At Alisa Michelle's store we carry the One Canoe Two greeting card line and they could not be any cuter.


5. Design Bar - Get your creative juices flowing! Design a custom piece for your favorite friend...a necklace, a bracelet, or maybe some earrings...the skies the limit when adding charms or engravings & hand stampings that are tailored made just for them.


6. Initial Necklace - We have at least 6 different initial styles....mini initials, typewriter, block initials, small initials, larger initials.  When in doubt a simple initial necklace looks great on everyone, it's easy to wear and a perfect layering piece. Wearing your first initial is very on trend right now :)


7. State Necklace - Similarly to the Initial Necklace the State Necklace is a fun reminder of where you came from! Especially here in Los Angeles so many people move here from different states so gifting a friend their home-state necklace is a fun personalized treat.


And there you have it! Seven great gift ideas to gift your great friend :)

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