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Pennies on the train tracks...

When I first started creating my hand stamped coin necklaces I was trying out many different creative ways of flattening my coins to prepare them for stamping. I remembered as a kid in the summer we would place pennies on the train tracks behind my neighborhood and wait and watch as the giant locomotive would scream through, flattening all the coins into smooth stretched pieces of copper.   


Many years later during a visit to Florida we visited a beautifully restored steam engine and as we walked along the tracks the memories of my summer's flattening coins as a kid came back to me. I immediately emptied out all of the coins in my purse and placed them on the tracks.  We stood and watched while all of them got flattened into the coins from my memories.

When I returned to California I took all of the flattened coins into my studio and proceeded to design away! One of my favorite messages to stamp on them was "I can and I will".  I guess because it kind of reminds me of The Little Engine That Could and because the mighty locomotive helped me in creating them, it seemed very fitting.  "I think I can! I think I can!" ;) 





Brandy Goldman - January 13, 2016

Great photos! Interesting story…Ive never heard of putting pennies on tracks :)

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