Employee Favorite Picks - Oksana

Today we meet Oksana Filippenko! Oksana is our in-house jewelry maker.  She is the one responsible for assembling all of the extremely intricate jewelry you see on our site, from beading to the wire wrapping, from making the beautiful sari necklaces to attaching exotic gemstones and beyond.  She literally makes hundreds of pieces a day! ...all while snacking on sweets and watching Ukrainian soap operas :)

Here are her top five favs!

1.Calm' Mala Necklace - "I love the deep blue color,  this necklace has a nice calming gentle feel but also very pretty"

2. Karma Dharma Zen Wish Amulet - "Very summery, fun, light pieces that sparkle and shine!"

3. Heart-Shaped Studded Vintage Locket - "It reminds me of something from the past. like a necklace that belonged to my grandmother"

4.'End Of Your Rope' Silk Wrap Bracelet - "I like the quote on the bracelet, very comfortable to wear. Very soft because of the silk."

5.Never Give Up On Your Dreams/Do It For You' Wire-Wrap Necklace - "Alisa gave this necklace to me when I started working here for good luck and i love it!"



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