Product Spotlight - Coin Necklaces

I was traveling through Europe with my now husband and one of the things we loved doing while there was visiting the many street flea markets.  The treasures to be found in an old European flea market are immeasurable.  One of the treasure we found were antique and obsolete coins. After the move to Euros in the European Union tons of beautifully designed coins and tokens had to be removed from circulation.  Most of these coins were melted down and lost forever but for this collection I have salvaged these tiny treasures and given them new life! 

On each of these coins I have chosen an uplifting or inspirational word or phrase. Daily affirmations and small reminders of positivity have become so important to me. Especially with recent things that have been happening around the world its so important to focus on the good and emit your own positive energy.

Some of the messages available are, Have Faith, Grateful Heart, Kindness is my Religion, Take Action, Be Brave, Loved, Dream on Dreamer, and Strength.

Along with the lovey hand stamped coin we enable to you add your own diamond charm for just the right amount of sparkle. We have 9 diamond charms to choose from so that your necklace can be personalized and meaningful to you.  My favorite charms are the Evil Eye, the Hamsa, and the Lightening Bolt. :)

Give a coin necklace to someone you love this holiday season! Click HERE to view the collection.

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