How To Build A Custom Piece with our new online Design Bar!

You may have noticed a new feature on our site recently :) ...we call it the Design Bar! It's literally the one stop shop for amazing personalized gifts and meaningful one-of-a-kind pieces that fit you and your personality specifically. Today I'm going to give you a few examples of how you can put together a few special pieces.


1. The Birthday Gift - Let's say its your best friends birthday and you want to give her a necklace that symbolizes the magical day she was brought into this world. I would suggest finding the gemstone category in our Design Bar and grab her birthstone. Then I would choose an engravable piece, perhaps the large silver circle, and I would engrave her initials onto it. Again you can do all of this within our Design Bar. Everything is customizable. Finally I would finish this piece off by searching our Zodiac charm category, find her sign and add that charm to the necklace. Now you have a completely personalized necklace just for her! 



2. Something for You - Sometimes we just want a beautiful piece of jewelry all to ourselves. From our Design Bar I would head to our hand stamping blanks. (Click here to read about our unique hand stamping process) Grab one for each of your kids, or pets. Stamp each individual name onto each blank. You can also choose to stamp their birth dates on the back. Now from our hearts category I would add a small heart charm or if you are putting your pets name you can add a small animal charm. Now you have a daily reminder around your neck of those you hold dear.


3. The Lady in your Life - A lot of men struggle with finding meaningful gifts for their wives or girlfriends. The Design Bar is the answer to those struggles! Lets start with the ruby wire wrapped necklace chain, next find our engravable heart in the engraving blanks section. Engrave something special that only she would get. Perhaps a song lyric or part of a poem or even an inside joke between the two of you. To personalize the necklance even further I would include both of your initials from the initial's category, which are available in both gold and silver. Now every day she has a sweet reminder of how much you love her!


There is no limit to what you can create with our Design Bar! So start designing today!


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I LOVE this customizing idea

Sharon Marts

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