Employee Favorite Picks - Angela

Welcome to our first Employee Favorites blog entry!  Each month we would like to introduce you to one of our hard workers and let them show you which Alisa Michelle pieces they love the most. 

Today we meet Angela Rozman!  Angela is the Production Manager here at Alisa Michelle. Which means she handles all of the online orders, manages all of the packing and the shipping, takes all your calls, is the model in our Instagram photos, and takes ordering lunch as her number one priority! ;)

Here are her top five favs!

1. 'Dream on Dreamer' Gold Calming Mala Bead Necklace - "I really like the colors, and that it's a nice every day piece but is also has a little something to it."

2. "A Best Friend is the One Person You Cant Stay Mad At" Cuff - "It's cute and a perfect gift for your bff!"

3. Constellation Necklace - "I like that they are nice personalized gifts but also subtle."

4. Mini Heart-Shaped Studded Vintage Locket - "It's a beautiful piece that adds a little sparkle to your outfit."

5. "I Can Do This" Hand Stamped Brass + Natural Gemstone Necklace - "I like the idea of wearing something affirming around my neck and the gemstone add a little magic." ;) 

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