DIY Halloween Decorations!

With Halloween right around the corner its time to get crafty!  Whether you're throwing a costume party or just getting the kids in the mood to trick or treat adding some spooky hand made touches to your home is always a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. 

Here are three great Halloween DIYs that you'll be dying to try!

1. Hanging bats - Trace out the shape of a flying bat on several pieces of black construction paper or foam board.  Cut out with scissors.  Fold the bats in half so that their wings point down to the floor.  Along the spine punch a hole. Thread a piece of twine or string through the hole, tying several knots on the underside of the bat.  Tape the end of each string to your ceiling.  Voila! Flying bats in your living room :)

2. Halloween themed mural -
 Chalk board paint is a great way to make an entire wall of your house an ever changing canvas.  I've painted a small accent wall in my dining area with black chalk board paint which then allows me to change my mural with each season or holiday. Find various Halloween images and trace them out on the wall. The sky's the limit with this one! 

3. Three dimensional wall spiders -
Using heavy duty card stock trace out spiders making sure to give them long thick legs. Then fold each leg out and adhere double stick adhesive to the end of each one. Finally place the spiders on the wall in a row making it appear as if they are walking up the wall.

4. Soup Can votive holders - 
Clean and remove the labels from your left over soup or vegetable cans.  Using a hammer and nail create various shapes and designs that allow the candle light to escape. Paint cans with acrylic or spray paint. Add tealights to each can to create a warm Halloween glow.

5. "Trick or Treat" hanging banner -
Using 12 glossy card stock pages cut out triangles or pennant shapes. I used metallic alphabet stickers for the letters on the front but you could also use metallic paint pens or acrylic paint.  Using a hole punch, punch two holes on each top corner of the card stock. Thread string or twine through each hole. Hang with push pins.

Do you and your family have any Halloween crafts or traditions that you like to do together each year? Let us know in the comments down below! Happy Haunting! :)

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That chalk board mural is amazing!! Wish I could draw like that :)

Ty Carlson

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