Meet Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador, Dayeanne Hutton

Meet our next Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador, Dayeanne Hutton. Here's her story:


I love quotes. They help me through hard times, they teach me more about myself, and they expand my mind.  They're also helpful for staying positive, which can be really tough sometimes. My Alisa Michelle cuff is like a mantra for me throughout the day when I wear it. It's such an awesome piece of jewelry, both stylish and inspirational. I have a hard time getting out of my head some days, or get too caught up in what other people think of me. This quote reminds me "who cares, you're awesome - live your life for you and rock it"! That leads into the "Live outside the box" necklace - which is like my declaration that I'm not going to stifle who I am to conform to anyone else's box. I'm weird, fun, and a little bit crazy and that's totally fine. It's all about accepting who you are. And it's fun. >^.^<


If you'd like to become an Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador, then please send a submission to with a picture of your Alisa Michelle piece and your story of what that piece means to you. Selected submissions will also receive a small gift as an expression of our gratitude.

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