2016 Summer Collection


Bring out the beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and all the piña coladas because summer has arrived. And we've got the perfect summer styles to get you in the summer mood!



The colors of summer and endless amounts of fun are two of the simple and definitive qualities that are centered around our 2016 summer collection.


Our hand-picked charms are hand stamped with positive messages to remind you to enjoy the summertime. Wether that means actually using your vacation days to take that sweet paradise getaway you've always dreamed of to wearing that flamingo-pattered bikini to the beach, know that you've earned it and deserve to kick back with a cool drink in hand- And do so with style with our fun tassel wire bangles!



Messy hair braids remind us of cool sands and ombre sunsets. Our braided leather bracelets serve as a kind nod to that lovely summer hair-do. Lightweight with that barely-there feeling make these leather bracelets easy to stack on.



We updated the iconic choker with beautiful gemstones and brass discs. Tropical colors and hints of gold remind us of utopian destinations. Make sure to buy one or two for your next blissful getaway!



Bright colors, short & sweet messages, and dancing tassels make these necklaces perfect summer layering pieces! Wear it to the beach or by the poolside with your knitted cover-up or dress it up with a solid colored romper for a warm summer evening. However or whenever- wear it your way! 



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