Introducing Our First Brand Ambassador: Dina Pinelli

At Alisa Michelle, we're all about sharing stories. And we wanted to hear from our fans about how an Alisa Michelle piece has made an impact on their or someone else's life. Stories are important and we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. So we decided to make a call out for submissions to become an Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador. And we'd like to introduce our very first Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador, Dina Pinelli. Here's her story:


Alisa Michelle Designs has been with me through every step of the way during the hardest time of my life. I found her jewelry a week after I was in a car accident. It wasn't just any car accident, it was one that took me out of work for nearly 2 years, put my journey towards finally living a healthy life on hold, and required spinal surgery. Before the accident I had been working with a nutritionist and personal trainer from Achieve Health, and he had helped me to lose 100 lbs, and the car accident and the extent of my injuries stopped that immediately. One week into this disaster, I was shopping on line, and found Alisa Michelle and made my first two purchases, "Love the Life You Live / Live the Life You Love" and "Never give up on your dreams/ Do it for you." These two pieces spoke to me directly at the time. I was in the process of changing my life, to a more calm, self-living life, and ridding myself of toxic people, so the first necklace was me realizing I needed to start living a life I loved. Then, as a result of the accident, and pausing my exercise sessions after months of hard work, I had to remember that I couldn't give up just yet.
After a few months of living in constant pain, I began falling into a depression, and I felt as though I was living in darkness alone. But I tried to keep my head above water and remember that my goal was to never give up on living the life I loved.

6 months into this journey, I had to have spinal fusion surgery. I was beyond scared, yet I was in such constant pain, I needed to remind myself that I had to do it and I could do it. I brought the necklace "I Can Do It" with me to the hospital and the moment I was alert and able to speak, I had the nurse go through my bag and put the necklace on me. From that day, March 12, 2012, I wore that necklace day in and day out and never took it off. It may worn to others, but to me it's a reminder of where I was and that I made it through. I started collecting Alisa Michelle Design Necklaces before and after my surgery, and once I was given the go ahead to start exercising again, I decided to hang in front of my treadmill as inspirational wall art while I walked, which eventually, after time, turned into me beginning to jog again. 3 years after the surgery, my nutritionist/personal trainer and I set a goal to run my first 5k. I was determined. I felt that I had been through such a tough 3 years and at times wasn't sure I would make it out the other end of the darkness, and after hearing tons of people talking about doing their first or second Tough Mudder, I realized, I lived one. Every single day for over 3 years. So I contacted Alisa Michelle Designs and asked if I could get that phrase put on a custom necklace. And without hesitation they said yes. The people working in the Alisa Michelle Design Studio had been there from the beginning and supported me every step of the way, even though we are on opposite sides of the the USA. Alisa herself wrote out the word and had them inscribed into the disk. And I felt beyond honored. I also decided I wanted to get a necklace made other custom necklaces that spoke to me. I asked about having my Wellness Consultants company name put on a necklace, because not only was it special to me because he never left my side and supported me like no one else had throughout this entire journey, but also because I wanted to remind myself that I needed to continue to set goals to "Achieve Health." I also had one of my most sacred pieces custom made which I wear as a reminder all the time, about where I am. I am a "Spinal Surgery Warrior!" This was a must have necklace for me because it meant, and held so much power to me. I went from not being able to move to fighting each day to regain my strength, health, and life. I was a warrior.

On October 19, 2014 I ran my first 5k. And I couldn't have been more proud of myself and more excited to see how much growth I had made. And of course, I had to document it by having it made into an Alisa Michelle Design Necklace. This necklace actually has my handwriting imprinted on the top, and my Wellness Consultant, Josh from Achieve Health's wrote the date. I plan to keep going on this journey and I continue to wear one of my many necklaces that fit my mood of the day.

I'm currently on a healing stone, mediation, yoga, and holistic wellness path, and I wear my Alisa Michelle Design necklaces that are healing stones as well, while I layer them with the inspirational quote that speaks to me.

If you'd like to become an Alisa Michelle Brand Ambassador, then please send a submission to with a picture of your Alisa Michelle piece and your story of what that piece means to you. Selected submissions will also receive a small gift as an expression of our gratitude.


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Thank you Gloria!!! Alisa Michelle is a constant support to me. They are encouraging, kind, and so much a part of my family. I love them all. And even 4 years later, I turn to them and their jewelry for inspiration. No Mud No Lotus. And they have been with me every step through the mud and they continue to help me blossom in the beautiful lotus I deserve to be. Thank you for your kind words!


Wow! So inspiring Dina. Bravo!!

Gloria Gilcrest

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