Food Glorious FOOD... Okay maybe just food, sort of

So... most people write about a great meal they had or something fab they cooked up with instructions. You are not going to find that here at least for right now. All you are going to hear about is what I have not been eating, and that would be normal food. I was FAT, PORKY, CHUBBY, BBW and not happy. I was working out 4 times a week and everyone told me to get rid of the trainer and it was all his fault. Hardly!!!

I tried everything I could to take off the weight from my two adorable babies and nothing would happen. I tried it all, you name the diet, I did it. No carbs, no sugar, no food, just liquid, juicing... Nothing happened. It got to the point that I didn't want to leave the house because I was embarrassed. I never took family pictures and being in fashion I was hiding out.

This was until I discovered a program through UCLA. This changed my life, it was amazing. If you want information on it and you are in the Los Angeles area email me at info@alisamichelle and I will rock your world.I took off 50 pounds in four months and now I am back to my fighting weight. Once the weight came off all of the working out had paid off. I was left with a perfectly toned and sculpted body. I can hardly believe it is me I am looking at in the mirror. I sure did miss myself...

Hardest, yet best thing I ever did for myself!

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