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DIY Silly Putty or Should I say a Silly Mess????

My kids can drive me completely nuts during the "witching" hour as I call it. It is that time between 5-7 where we are getting ready for dinner, tired from school and I just have no clue what to do with them. I decided to make homemade silly putty. My son loves it and  no matter where you walk in my house a huge glob of it is stuck to the bottom of your foot. Put your arm on the couch and inevitably it will be stuck to your sleeve.

I got all of the materials listed below, and let me tell you liquid starch is not an easy find. He was so excited he could barely control himself. We sat down with everything spread out around the table and he couldn't keep his little paws off of anything. Keep in mind my daughter is about to wake up from her nap at any second so we are very limited in what we can do in such a short time span.

Here is what you need:

1. Liquid Starch- http://www.amazon.com/School-Specialty-Sta-Flo-Liquid-Starch/dp/B0042SWOHI
2. Elmers Glue
3. Food coloring

You will use two parts glue to one part liquid starch. Yes, I had to call my husband to make sure my math was right. I had some trouble, it didn't seem to be as fantastic as all of the people who wrote reviews said but it killed an hour so I guess it was a good idea? I put the ingredients in and stirred and stirred and stirred. My son wanted to help so badly and I knew if I let him touch this concoction that it would end up splattered all over my walls and floor.

I made it all in a bowl and then separated little batches into ziplock bags and added food coloring to the ziplock and just mushed it around. I put it in the refrigerator to harden up a bit. We shall see what today brings... I do have bright red hands and that isn't fun, but it does make for a good story. Pictures will follow.


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